Yes, Virginia there is life after the association

This week was the start of a new life for me- post association. As the executive director, Chief Executive Officer of three trade associations, I realized that I had learned an awful lot over 11 years. While I was an exec I garnered three degrees- a BS in Business Admin, an MS in Project Management and a PhD in Organizational Management with a leadership specialization. So I learned not only by doing, by participating in conferences, by trial and error, but I also learned in traditional academia. I think that I have some solid, valid advice to share with the association execs out there.

At this moment I am suffering from Dyscontrol. If you have never heard of Dyscontrol its because I made the word up. Dyscontrol is defined as a state of unrest caused by not knowing what to do with oneself as the phone is not ringing, emails aren’t filling up your inbox at a rate of 100 per hour, and the dinging of text messages is absent. Rather than let dyscontrol define my life I opted to start this blog. Hope everyone finds it useful. It is somewhat easy to see mistakes and solutions from a distance.


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