Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions…

it’s walled and roofed with them too- Aldous Huxley.

Again and again and again, I see association leaders with the best of intentions, create a small hell for their members when the association executive leaves their position. Here are 5 helpful tips on how to effectively communicate that your CEO/EO/AE/EVP has left the building:

1) If at all possible craft the notice TOGETHER. You will end up with something that sounds authentic and you will eliminate mixed messages. Even better is for the notice to include both the signature of the President and the CEO.

2) Agree on the release time and if your ego just won’t let you talk to the departing one at the very least let him/her know when it will be published. No one likes to be taken off guard by emails and facebook notifications. Be professional- you will be rewarded in Heaven.

3) And speaking of things heavenly, for the love of God, do not promote unrest with cloak and dagger tactics. Be a leader! Something happened that caused the split. Be as forthright as you can. It makes the membership feel secure (this again can be accomplished with the first tip listed).

4) Show some class. Ensure that your message wishes the departing one well.

5) Keep it short (no lengthy swan songs by the departing CEO or long self-serving pep talks by the President) and stick to the facts.

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