The four documents every association needs or if we only knew what we already know

There are a few documents that I have found to be extremely useful in managing your board of directors:

  • An administrative and leadership policy manual- a document that describes all the policies set forth by the board of directors in the past. This document defines everything the board can and cannot do from document retention policies to who holds a credit card.  Go through all past minutes and define what you already know and then see what’s missing especially if its an issue that has come up before, have the board define and answer and vote it in to the manual.
  • An employee manual- a manual that spells out how employees are expected to perform and defines what they can expect.
  • A strategic and business plan- if you don’t know where you are going how on earth will you know when you get there?
  • A treasurer’s guide- a document that describes all the association’s financial policies (its okay if its repeated in the admin and leadership policy manual) and all the association’s financial information such as account numbers and contact numbers, emails and addresses.

Remember if you need help starting from scratch on an administrative and policy manual the association yoda is here to help. For advice please comment on this post. For a full blown structural assessment please email the association yoda at to discuss the nature of the assessment and your requirements and deliverables or visit the services page of this blog:

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