Feeling a Little Stuck?

Ems in Sand

Ever feel that your association is just stuck in mediocrity or the status quo? This can happen when processes are not designed properly or do not align with the strategic goals and the mission of the association.

As an association executive, the board will often look to you to determine why the association’s growth has stagnated.

One of the key processes of the association should be its strategic planning. The joke of strategic planning is that the plan itself sits on a shelf gathering dust…but it doesn’t have to nor should it. While there are a gazillion ways to facilitate strategic planning, or to write a strategic plan here are three key steps to ensuring that your strategic plan doesn’t get stuck:

  1. Part of the strategic planning process is the inclusion of a follow up business plan which relates the key objectives, strategies, action steps, budget, and success measurements of those action steps.
  2. The business plan should be given to the finance committee so that they may budget to the plan. In other words if something requires dollars to do then there must be a budget cut to free revenue or a revenue generating mechanism to fund it.
  3. The activities of the business plan should be tracked monthly and a quarterly report should be presented to the Board of Directors to keep them aware of the progress of the plan or any unforeseen obstacles that are inhibiting plan success. Encourage your board to strategize as to how those obstacles can be dealt with and to determine if the plan requires modification.

Here is a tip: Use your quarterly reports to quickly compile a snapshot of the association’s progress in your annual report to the members.

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