Silver Linings Playbook?

Silver lining
Silver lining

No its not the movie. But it is a system every association executive should implement: Its called playbooks and they are definitely a silver lining result! So what is a playbook? Its a step by step tutorial of something you do on at least an annual basis. Playbooks are more than just screenshots of how to use a technology or enter something into a website- they can include scripts, checklists, flowcharts, pictures and video. The most recent playbook I wrote was How to Host an NAR RPAC Major Donor Event. It listed all the steps, all the technologies, all the email scripts to members, the billing procedure and how the cocktail tables should be set up along with a marketing schedule.

Here is when you need a playbook: If you are the ONLY person who knows all the steps. Note to yourself: YOU SHOULD NEVER BE THE ONLY PERSON WHO KNOWS SOMETHING!

Think about the things you do over and over, explain over and over – these are items that need a playbook. It is difficult to set time aside (I am so busy I will just do it myself) but this time has a silver lining. Once the playbook is complete you will most likely never have to do the task again as you can now delegate it out with confidence. If its something that cannot be assigned to staff at the very least, when you are in the hospital passing a kidney stone someone isn’t frantically calling you to process payroll, you can give them access to the playbook temporarily. I believe that your staff should be trusted completely. The bylaws or policies may require you to do something, or only you have access, and that is fine but there is no reason your staff should not have access to the steps themselves.

Imagine creating a library in your common/shared drive or better yet in the cloud where critical information can be accessed and learned by all. Now that is knowledge management and time well spent.

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