Do You Have A Strategy To YES?

Strategy to Yes
Strategy to Yes

So often in our processes we fail to address strategy. Association processes should be designed to meet the strategic plan of the association. Does your association strive to be an Amazon or Zappo’s like experience? Do your processes reflect that? For example if your defined mission is to provide an Amazon-like experience and yet you are still making your members sit through an on-site face to face orientation- are you really accomplishing the strategic goals and mission of your organization. Sometimes we just fail to see another way to achieve the same outcome but use a different path which aligns to the strategic plan.

Often, when a Association Executive sees the need for change he/she is met with resistance. Simply pointing out the benefits, or providing a costs benefits analysis, is not an effective strategy for getting your Board of Directors to say “YES”. There is a wonderful book I read a few years ago called GETTING TO YES by Fischer, Ury and Patton, you can order it here.  I highly recommend it, as it gives you tools to help separate the position from the person. In other words it helps you to deal with the often difficult or uninformed member of the board of directors.

I have also found phenomenal tools on the website I highly recommend using the stakeholder analysis tools first (know the people), then the strategy tools, and finally the decision making tools sections of the site. When you know that a disruptive or radical departure from current processes is necessary these tools will help you build a strategy to YES!  If you aren’t comfortable with using the tools on  your own, consider a remote process audit module, rates can be found on the association services page of this site.

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