Late Night Lives – Top Ten List

late night tv
late night tv

The top ten list will live on far past the legacy of Late Night with Letterman. Here is my top 10 list of reasons not to run for President of the Association:

10) I really want to teach CE, orientation, or Code of Ethics training and now the Education Director can’t say no

9) It will look great on my resume

8) It proves people like me… they really like me

7) I want an Ipad and I heard they give those away at the board

6) I just cannot get enough free coffee and free press & publicity

5) I need someone to set appointments for me

4) My spouse and I need a few mini-vacations and conferences are always held in tourist cities

3) We are paid to volunteer- right?

2) I have never been to Washington DC

…. and the number one reason not to run as president of the association…

1) I really don’t like the CEO- now I can get in there and get him/her out!

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