It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!

formstack1I continue to find new ways to use Formstack. I am so surprised that this is not the contact management/survey management/event management system for every association in the US. So EASY! So Inexpensive – $39. So I use it for everything because members can sign a doc online with their finger, upload documents for applications or contests, change their contact info etc. This week I found a new use! I wanted to add a House Rules page to my facebook business page- there are lots of ways to do this but you do need a secure site to place the copy with an https:// url. I created a one page form in Formstack- which automatically gives it a secure URL. Voila! House Rules page up and running! Formstack also has tons of API integration- it integrates with as well as multiple credit card acceptance programs. Members can register and pay right through your Formstack. Here is a link to the program- really worth checking out if you do any kind of work with members or volunteers:

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