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Dr. Dawn Kennedy, President & Founder

Dawn Kennedy
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Dr. Kennedy has run organizations, large and small, as their President or CEO. She holds a PhD in Organization & Management with a Leadership Specialization. In addition she possesses a graduate degree in Project Management and an undergrad in Business Administration.

Dr. Kennedy has been the CEO of several REALTOR associations as well as a stone fabrication industry association. Dr. Kennedy teaches graduate courses in association management for the National Association of REALTORS’ REALTOR University. She brings over 20 years of executive experience to the company, Association Yoda (AKA ANYO).

While writing her dissertation on the application of Jobs Demands-Resource Theory in dealing with the distress and stress as a REALTOR Association CEO, it occurred to Dr. Kennedy how little was known about association CEOs and their interaction with their boards of directors. But more importantly it brought to light, a great need for appropriate leadership training. Training beyond the traditional, to include questions of candor and a deep analysis of board-CEO relationships that went off the tracks.