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Dawn Kennedy

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Hi, its me, the association yoda!

Association management has been my passion for over a decade.

So what makes me uniquely qualified to help you?

For the last 8 years I have been performing structural audits for large local and state associations with the REAL Trends AE Advisory Council. I am an NAR certified strategic planner having facilitated strategic planning for associations for numerous years. In addition to my advice blog, I teach real estate association management courses for REALTOR University’s Masters of Real Estate. While with NAR, I have also achieved the ACE award for commercial excellence in 2014 & 2015, as well as earning the ePRO, GREEN and REALTOR Certified Executive (RCE) Designations.

My educational background includes an AAS from Nicolet College in business, a Bachelor’s of Science, summa cum laude, no less from the renowned business college of Franklin University, A Masters of Science in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin, and  recently an ABD PhD from Capella University in Organizational Management with a specialization in leadership. I have written numerous articles about organizational effectiveness and have presented at national conferences.

I love working with fellow executive officers and believe it is my role in life to help others achieve excellence in association management. To learn more about my work as the association yoda please visit the association services page of this blog.

To contact me please email dkennedy@associationyoda.com

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