Association Services

How Can I Help You and Your Association?
Contact the association yoda at

Leadership Training
Assistance in creating an orientation program for the board of directors- $195 per hour
On site full day training (includes personality assessment)- $5000 plus expenses
On site 1/2 day training- $2500 plus expenses

Organizational Audits
Please email me for your required deliverables and a price quote. Please use this form to assist you in identifying the deliverables of your audit- please note you will receive a statement of work as well as a project management plan prior to commitment to the audit
* Off site remote audits are available at a rate of $350 per hour (minimum fee of $1750)

Strategic Planning Facilitation
On site 1/2 day program – $2500 plus expenses
On site full day program- $5000 plus expenses
Two day on site program with business plan – $8000 plus expenses

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