Participate in a Doctoral Study

If you are a local association executive with a REALTOR or REALTOR family organization you are eligible to make a difference in our field by participating in a doctoral study. This is a wonderful opportunity to shape job design in the association industry.

Following is information about the study:

School of Business & Technology, Capella University– Dissertation Research Projects


Information Sheet

Purpose of the study. As part of the requirements for a doctoral degree in philosophy at Capella University, students are required to complete a research project. The study is concerned with the Job Demands-Resources (JDR) model. The JD-R theory posits that as high job challenges and demands increase without job resources, employees enter a state of imbalance and risk burnout. Conversely, as job demands increase and job resources increase it is hypothesized that employees attain a state of balance between demands and resources and attain a state of work engagement. This study will observe the model within the context of the nonprofit CEO population engaged in a peer network.

What will the study involve? The study will involve completing a highly descriptive online written interview. This interview may be followed up with a telephonic interview, if necessary for clarification. The online interview may take up to two hours of your time. The telephonic interview, if necessary should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Why have you been asked to take part? You have been asked because you are specifically suitable to provide data for the study.

Do you have to take part? No, participation is completely voluntary and your consent may be withdrawn at any time. You will be given a consent form to sign which explains in detail your ability to withdraw and still benefit from the study

Will your participation in the study be kept confidential? Yes. Every effort will be made to maintain your anonymity. Any quotes will be identified by participant alpha identifiers. The peer network being studied will be identified by pseudonym

What will happen to the information which you give? The data will be kept confidential for the duration of the study. Transcripts will be kept in a locked cabinet in the home office of the researcher. On completion of the research, they will be retained for a further seven years and then destroyed.

What will happen to the results? The results will be presented in the dissertation. They will be seen by my dissertation committee, dissertation mentor, and the university’s internal review board. If deemed to be a significant contribution the study will be published by UMI and added to the dissertation database for other students to access for research.

What are the possible disadvantages of taking part? The possible disadvantage is that someone reading the study could make assumptions about the identity of the extracted quotes. Every measure will be taken to protect identities of participants.

What if there is a problem? Upon receiving the written responses, I will conduct a follow up email to ask about the experience. If you feel distressed you may withdraw from the study. You will have the opportunity to approve the transcript of any telephonic inquiry.

Who has reviewed this study? This study has been reviewed by my dissertation committee, scientific merit review board and the internal review board of Capella University. Approval must be given by Capella University before this study can take place.

Any further queries? If you need any further information, you can contact me: Dawn Kennedy, (314) 799-4251 or at

If you agree to take part in the study, please sign the consent form following these instructions.

Click here to participate:

Once you have completed the consent form you may complete the online interview here:


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