LTTDSL.T.T.D.S Program- Leadership training that doesn’t suck! This toolkit is designed to incorporate into your annual board orientation. Rather than a focus on the traditional role clarification, personality traits, generational traits, and meetings management, the L.T.T.D.S program instead focuses on training your board how to do their job so they won’t fall into the trap of doing yours. This program is geared towards pragmatic practices that your board and staff can employ to keep the board at the strategic and generative 30,000 foot view and out of the trenches with you. It offers practical solutions to prevent the board from undoing your committees’ work and to avoid committee work at the board table.  A key component of this course is developing a framework for avoiding board anarchy, more specifically conflict with the CEO.

The kit contains a power point presentation related to the book: How to Prevent Board Anarchy: A Guide to Share with Your Board of Directors, worksheet exercises for your directors, 5 paperback copies of the book, and sample policies mentioned in the book that your board can adopt as is or build upon. You can expect this portion of your board orientation to cover approximately two hours- $375.00.

EarlyBirds:  Order before August 1st and pay only $169.50.

Board of Directors Orientation- This is the most comprehensive board orientation you can offer your directors. This self-service program covers the nuts and bolts of association governance. This program typically requires a 7 hour time commitment and consists of   X modules and includes the LTTDS program.  Each module includes a power point you can share with your board, followed by interactive exercises and discussions. and sample documents. Modules include: Strategic Governance (2 hrs), Policy v Procedure (30 mins), Evidence-based Management (30 mins), LTTDS (2hrs), Generative Agendas (1 hr), and Financial Management (1 hr ). $995

Purchase before August 1, 2018- $475


How To Prevent Board Anarchy: A Guide To Share With Your Board of Directors by Dr. Dawn Kennedy
How To Prevent Board Anarchy: A Guide To Share With Your Board of Directors
by Dr. Dawn Kennedy

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