Even the most talented staff and volunteer leadership can use a little help now and then!



We offer a variety of consulting services ranging from project- management to full on interim AE services.

Consider us for:

  • Project Management (expense based on complexity & length of the project).
  • Strategic Planning (Dr. Kennedy was one of the original consultants certified by NAR for Strategic Planning Expense reimbursement) 1 day session followed by a comprehensive written plan of $2,000 plus travel expenses.
  • Concerned about operational effectiveness? We can help with our operations audits (expense based on the size of the organization). The audit also offers a presentation with quantitative and qualitative analysis you can share with your board if you choose.
  • Pre-merger negotiation and merger integration- minimum $10,000 plus expenses (quote includes multiple onsite visits).
  • Post-merger remediation- when your merger has gone incredibly wrong- minimum $5,000 plus expenses (quote includes multiple onsite visits).
  • Onsite facilitated board orientation.
  • Interim AE services to be negotiated based on board need and length of service.

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